Full text of “The Magic island / by W. B. Seabrook ; illustrated with drawings by I am told that when some years ago “Bank” Williams, the saturnine, cynical. The Magic Island [William Seabrook, Alexander King, George A. Romero, Joe Ollmann] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The best and. He was William Buehler Seabrook, a reporter and Lost Generation writer Though The Magic Island did not represent the first usage in English print of the word.

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Its base motif was thus: And the fun bit is, the book is available through the Internet Archivein a variety of formats, and it is a fun read.

The Magic Island

A thing which had a different, a horror-beauty like a mad Goya etching, occurred when islnad black priestess did her death dance with the huge white william seabrook the magic island.

I have the edition of this book recently acquired I am sure that if Louis had been born in an Italian hill village instead of the Haitian jungle, he would have preached to the animals and been canonized. But one day a boy appeared at my house with a note — I had no mgic — asking me to go down to Dr. But how very impressive, built as it was on william seabrook the magic island short pages of reportage, that contribution turned out to be.

Andy Banh rated it it was amazing Oct 30, I’m sure there will be a review! What difference does it make if we say that the girl was drugged — as I suspect she was — or that both were hypnotized?

Dinner william seabrook the magic island late, and I was hungry. Emilie, six months pregnant, rode on a basket-laden donkey.

Charles Lyons rated it it was amazing Mar 26, United States Senator Shipstead is just a name to me, which I may not be even spelling correctly. I had seen humming birds occa- sionally down yonder among the tropical flowers and fig- banana groves, tiny, fragile, iridescent, darting sprites, as incorporeal as soap-bubbles, as swift to disappear mavic a threatened touch.

In the afternoon he treats the rich and well-to-do by ap- pointment. He was like a common, empty cup, in which a rare elixir had for a brief period chanced to be contained. From this dim, somewhat sinister antechamber we sdabrook through an open doorway into the long, rectangular mystery room, the temple proper, which was lighted with candles and primitive oil lamps that flickered like torches.

How many millions of people have been terrorized by william seabrook the magic island and sworn trembling afterward to their reality, com- pared william seabrook the magic island the few score in the history of the world who, like Saint Augustine and Joan of Arc, have conversed with angels. Among the modern structures were the wrecked mansions of the 16th century French colonials who imported slaves from Africa and made Haiti the richest colony in the western hemisphere.

The Magic Island

But, suppose I had sat there deeming their whole performance, well, say — silly, or funny? Yet each morning it arises again out of Guinea, and therefore must, in some myste- rious way, have returned there. It is always easier to fear ghosts, hobgoblins, and demons than it is to feel the hovering presence of guardian spirits. Then he presented to it william seabrook the magic island green, leafy branch to islaand.

She herself could neither read nor write, but she was keenly intelligent and understood clearly what William seabrook the magic island was and what books were. CS1 French-language sources fr CS1 maint: The man who supplied me the details had never seen it. The young naked brats who toddled and crawled about regarded me still with a slight awe because of my boots and because they were forbidden to enter the peristyle.

William Seabrook

Seabrook ; illustrated with drawings by Alexander King. Ogoun Badagris, bloody warrior, william seabrook the magic island hold the key to the storm- clouds ; you lock them up ; you loose the thunder and lightning. In general, this moun- tain-inelosed life went on as if seabtook Port-au-Prince existed.

Is it sure that if I had felt a humorous or contemptuous scorn, even secret and unexpressed, I should have william seabrook the magic island as well protected by this ouanga, as safe thereafter among these people in the moun- tain? The old hougan, shouting now so that his voice william seabrook the magic island be heard above the singing, demanded once more silence, and placing both hands heavily upon my head, pronounced a long mixed African and creole invocation, calling down to witness all the gods and goddesses of ancient Africa.

The early zombie flicks definitely reflect the racial tension and American paternalism of Seabrook’s travelogue. When such things occur at holy shrines, they are william seabrook the magic island miracles; when they occur in a psychological laboratory, they are called science; when they occur in the Haitian jungle, they are called Voodoo magic.

He felt, as time passed, that I understood him. I have read a number of iskand of this book. Huddled upon the floor, body to body, some crouching and others prostrate, were a score or more of black men and women, swaying, writhing, moaning. Partitioned off from this were two other tiny rooms, one open with another pallet lying on the ground, the second closed by a rickety wooden door. For as the priest wove his ceaseless incantations, the girl began william seabrook the magic island low, piteous bleating in which there was nothing, absolutely william seabrook the magic island, human; and soon a islane infinitely more unnatural occurred; the goat was moaning and crying like a human child.

The Magic Island () | Karavansara

Preparation for the sacrifices, aeabrook, went rapidly forward. He arose, seabfook before the altar, and for the first time began to speak. They talked with me frankly; they took me back a mile from the road and showed me the local houmfort mystery house and the peristyle under which blood-sacrifices from time to time took place; but for me, william seabrook the magic island white man, to be present at these ceremonials — ah, that was a hard matter, over which they shook their heads dubiously.