ULNN from Signetics High Technology, Inc.. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. The ULN is a monolithic high voltage and high current. Darlington transistor arrays. It consists of seven NPN darlington pairs that features high-voltage. 3 Dec all relevant TOSHIBA information, including without limitation, this document, the specifications, the data sheets and application notes.

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SPI Module of Arduino. Output for 4 th channel. This is because when the input pin of the IC gets high the respective output pin will get connected uln2003n datasheet ground. Output 1 to Output 7. It might be surprising to note that this IC does not have any Vcc power pin; this is because the power required for the transistors to work will be drawn from the input pin itself.

Input for 5 th uln2003n datasheet. The COM pin uln2003n datasheet connected to ground through a switch, this connection is optional.

Respective outputs of seven input pins. However you can datwsheet higher current loads buy combining two or uln2003j output pins to gather.

It can be used a test switch, meaning when this pin is grounded all the output pins will be grounded. Uln2003n datasheet has seven Darlington Pairs inside, where each can drive loads up to 50V and mA. Adding to that we can a ground and Common pin. ULN is also commonly used while driving Stepper Motors. Input ul2n003n uln2003n datasheet th channel. These ICs are used when driving a wide range of loads and are used as relay drivers, display uln2003n datasheet, line drivers etc.

A darlington pair is an arrangement of two bipolar transistors. Complete Technical Details can be found at the datasheet give uln2003n datasheet the end of this page.

Output for 5 th channel. Uln2003n datasheet for 7 th channel. Notice that the Positive pin of the LED is connected to the yln2003n load voltage datasheeg the negative pin is connected to the output pin of the IC. Top menu About Us Contact. Uln2003n datasheet loads connected to the output pin can be maximum of 50C and mA each. Ground Reference Voltage 0V. The ground pin, as usual is grounded and the usage of Common pin is optional.

ULN Pin Description | Current Driver IC | ULN Datasheet

So if you have anything that anything more than 5V 80mA to uln2003n datasheet, then this IC would be the right choice for you. Input for 3 rd channel. The schematic for each driver is given below: Interface SD Card with Arduino. Input for 2 nd channel. The inputs and outputs are provided opposite to each other in the pin layout.

In the circuit consider the LED to be the loads and the logic pins blue uln2003n datasheet as the pins connected to uln2003n datasheet Digital circuit or Microcontroller like Arduino. Output for 1 st channel. Input for 4 th channel. Common free wheeling diodes. It contains seven open collector darlington pairs with common emitters. Output for 2 nd channel.

ULN Datasheet(PDF) – STMicroelectronics

So when the negative terminal uln2003n datasheet the LED is grounded it completes the circuit and thus glows. Different versions of this family interface to daatasheet logic families.

Used as test pin or Voltage suppresser pin optional to use. Skip to main content.

Input 1 to Input 7. Input for 1 st channel. Top menu About Us Uln2003n datasheet. Output for 3 rd channel.

ULN2003 Motor Driver IC

Interface GPS with Arduino. Output for 6 th channel. Skip to main content. Each channel or darlington pair in ULN is rated uln2003n datasheet mA and can withstand peak current of mA.