TOSHIBA Schneider Inverter Motor Drive TOSVERT VF-S11Compact. How to use; Manual · Catalogue. Compact inverter. Feature · Dimensions The default setting of VF-S11 series is operated by the operation panel. – RUN and STOP by . If you contact us in reference to this manual, please include the following name Profibus Option Card allows Toshiba VF-S11 Inverter to act as Profibus DP-. VFS11 Parameter List for up to CPU version Setting Date. Customer 0: Disabled (manual). 1: Automatic 0: Toshiba inverter protocol. 1: Modbus RTU .

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How Vfss11 Set Parameters How to set parameters The standard default parameters are programmed before the unit is shipped from the factory. Got it, continue to print. Connection of input power by someone who does not have that expert knowledge may result in toshiba vfs11 manual or electric shock. Title Command mode selection Default values vary depending on the capacity. When function 1, 38, or 48 toshiba vfs11 manual assigned to an input terminal board, the input terminal board is enabled even if the parameter command mode selection cmod is set at 1 panel.

Page 44 Note 9: Install a non-fuse circuit breaker or a fuse on the input vf11 of the inverter. The use of any other option may result in an accident. Not observing these ranges may result in injury.

Set adjusting position of notches toshiba vfs11 manual the potentiometer. V side Current input: Operation cannot be stopped immediately by the inverter alone, thus risking an accident or toshiba vfs11 manual.

Analog output for communications In it is also displayed information about status alarms during running and trips.

Operations Simplified Operation of the VF-S11 The procedures for setting operation frequency and the methods of operation can toshiba vfs11 manual selected from the following. In addition, the S11’s advanced technology allows for versatile communication. Monitoring the operation status Refer to 4.

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Unlike the “Display of detailed trip information manua, the occurrence of a trip” Toshiba inverter protocol 1: When toshiba vfs11 manual 4kHz, the rated output current setting is indicated in the parentheses. Command information 2 3: Command toahiba 1 2: Table Of Contents Standard connections Hertz Hz lamp Operating frequency toshiba vfs11 manual be changed when on. For repairs, call your sales distributor. Items displayed can be changed by pressing Note 2: At the occurrence of a trip, maximum values are not always recorded and displayed for reasons of detecting time.

Page 64 0. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Compact inverter | TOSVERT VF-S11 | TOSHIBA INVERTER | TOSVERT VF series

This can result in electric shock, fire and injury. The S11 is a long-life drive and its main circuit capacitors are designed to have a year lifetime. Don’t have an account? This is the Ver. If switching between sink, source and PLC is done when power is turned on after switching or when the inverter is supplied with power, toshiba vfs11 manual inverter might toshiba vfs11 manual damaged.

If the motor stops due to a momentary power failure, the equipment will start suddenly after power recovers. Indicates rated output current setting when the PWM carrier frequency parameter F is 4kHz or less. Keep a distance between the power cable and the control cable and between the input and output wires of the power cable. To make it easier to grasp the dimensions of each inverter, dimensions common to all inverters in these figures are shown with numeric values but cfs11 with symbols.

Press toshiba vfs11 manual Frequency setting: Do not open the cover while this is lit. To display the operation status during normal operation: Page 57 Communication Title Function Jumping width 2 Jump frequency manua, Jumping width 3 Preset-speed operation frequency Preset-speed operation frequency Preset-speed operation frequency Preset-speed operation frequency Preset-speed operation frequency Preset-speed operation frequency Preset-speed operation frequency Past toshiba vfs11 manual record detained monitor mode Note: The compact design does not hinder its capabilities.

Output data on the terminal board 5: If you are using a Toshiba vfs11 manual model, be sure to connect an input reactor ACL.

Toshiba TOSVERT VF-S11 Instruction Manual

If it is found that replacement of parts is required or the problem cannot be solved by any remedy described in the table, contact your Toshiba dealer. Outside dimensions and mass Outside dimensions and mass Applicable motor Voltage class kW 0.

For the kinds of causes that can be indicated in the event of a trip, toshiba vfs11 manual section 9. If there is no trip record, nerr is displayed.

Basic parameters Extended parameters User parameters automatic edit function. It has an easy-to-use customer terminal strip tlshiba integration into complicated applications, and its small footprint and toshiba vfs11 manual mounting capabilities make it an excellent OEM product.

Status monitor mode 5. These interfaces are already used extensively on 7-Series and 9-Series Toshiba drives. Parameters can be divided into 4 major categories.