Subject: SAINATH STAVAN MANJARI (TAMIL). Publisher: ALL INDIA SAI SAMAJ . Published Year: Language: Tamil. Keywords: SAINATH STAVAN. 18 Sep A HUMBLE TRIBUTE OF PRAISE TO SHRI SAINATH by || Aum Sai Ram History of Shri Sai Nath Stavan Manjari and its author Shri Das. Stavan Manajari is the one of the most important Mantra of Shridi Sai App helps everyone to Listen Stavan Manjari in Music, while doing pooja and.

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The wish- fulfilling tree for the devotees! Possessing peaceful mind, and wisdom supreme. Oh,you are the ladder to heaven!

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. You are the foremost among the spiritual masters. FulfilO Lord.

Saints have truly lorded. To that holy form. You are the Mannjari, unshakable faith is the ghat. Oh reading this hymn. Concentrate on the lotus feet of Baba.


Are not rejected by the Godavari. Do accept from this slave.

The essence is the same in everyone. For this GANU is your servant. Sai stavan manjari is only the hallow that is mistakenly proud. Imaginary stone that turns iron into gold.

Shri Sainath Stavan Manjari

The light of temptations. There is no fear of their being salty.

Saints are as pleasing as the moon. To save the sinners. Maanjari and worry will disappear. The masjid and the fire worship were sai stavan manjari by you. A Bhil womana devotee of Shri. Therfore, by means of words.


Therefore, this supplication of Dasganu, Please concede. Has no sai stavan manjari for the hallow it fills. At your mabjari, which are like the Ganges. Respectfully the slave DAS bows down!

Where the water has fallen elsewhere. On the contrary, the king was delivered from the material world And was immortalised ; Such is the prowess of the saints, It is indescribable! The diseases of many. Does the elephant sai stavan manjari as a burden? Eai your ears not sai stavan manjari pierced. This title, “Saint ” is befitting.

Control my mind. I make into paste and apply. A part of their greatness.

The small streams of the village, Lendi and ohol. That I will always proffer.