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The time now is Any help, comments, or advice would be appreciated. Moderators of this Forum Ty W. First day that the devices show up.. It’s still a must to go and get proper training too. Post 12 made on Sunday July 13, at

How do you setup smart devices? I just found out that I will be doing all the programming for the Lutron Systems that we install. In six months they will hate the system because they always have to read the labels. If Lutron is new to your company, they often make you work with another dealer on your first prioject to ensure there are no screw ups. Give them scenes that accentuate their lifestyle, paths that make it easy to move around the home and automate as much as possible – ie they should never have to touch a button for any outdoor lights. Please don’t sell those clients short by learning in their homes and giving them a less than stellar lighting system experience.

The software philosophy of Lutron since the very first software was lutron homeworks programming budle design and programming utilities into once software utiltiy. Lutron homeworks programming now the only thing that I will be doing is the programming, the layout and Design at least at this time will not be my responsibility.

If your company has an electrical division and has been doing Lutron for many years, there will be someone on staff that should be able to walk you through the programming. If you have a path from every point A to every point B it will get very confusing.

Otherwise you had better get to where ever you can to get the training started. Please don’t sell those clients short by learning in their homes and giving them a less than stellar lighting system experience. Post 3 made on Sunday July 13, at You really should lutron homeworks programming with the exsisting programmer from the very start of a system design lutron homeworks programming to the end. He has to do the floorplan which is all the loads and keypads.

Good luck and let me just close by saying you are going to be lutron homeworks programming someones lights in their homes. How have you guys started and what would you recommend to help me prepare? Help A newbie Please.

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It will be the most used system your company installs in the home by a factor of or Ascending Order Descending Order Note: I am a firm beleiver that the programmer lutron homeworks programming these system should know everything abou them, including system lutron homeworks programming and infrastructure, but also read a lot and underastand about the programming capabilities of the system and learn to program these to their maximum cabalities. I always find it easier if I do the whole job.

The serial numbers can be used to quickly address everything.

Good luck, once lutron homeworks programming get going it becomes pretty easy. With a lighting control system of this level we try to do a lot more than just lighting control Post 15 made on Monday July 14, at Lutron homeworks programming button turns on the most used scene and the bottom button shuts off all lights in that room. He has to work with the electrician because most of the time he needs to be trained.

There is one class at Denver that covers what to actually program on the keypads – Robert Ridenour teaches it. When they walk into a room they should know what button to press to get the basic lighting scene, and not have to look at the keypad to do this.

Programming – HWQS

Post 8 made on Lutron homeworks programming July 13, at In a well designed lutron homeworks programming when you want lights they should just press a button and not have to read it. Post 14 made on Monday July 14, at Please see the Terms of Use for more information. Check with your rep.

It took me a while before I found the right person at Crestron to get those docs. Lutron disclaims any and all liability for the accuracy and correctness of content and conduct of any third parties in connection with or related to your use of the site. Who is lutron homeworks programming the system design, and how are they doing it? Its pretty good if you are new to central lutron homeworks programming system programming.

That is enough to just barely scratch the surface. Intecon, I beleive everybody has provided with you with very good information but what ALan and ejfiii said in my opinion are very important. As Alan stated, the software is used for both lutron homeworks programming and programming. Page 1 of 2.

Best way to program lights to automatically turn off after a period of time?

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