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Colour- jet black and brushed steel I used lots of colours to make it appealing to my target audience. When the 3 sides were completed using the running stitch , I inverted the fabric and used polyester foam padding to fill the cushion and give it shape. I made the detachable, colourful pockets on the side by cutting pieces of felt and stitching them together. Making the Abacus Materials: Show related SlideShares at end. The treasure chest shape would be particularly appealing to little children.

Yellow wool that contrasts with the colours of felt used, further enhances the overall vibrant look that I have attempted to carry as a theme through the entire making of my product. A special poem is printed onto the backrest as well, though this particular feature may not be completely suitable for the younger age group, who are still learning to read. Can be stained I then completed the cushion by sewing the fourth side. Can shatter easily I then chose four children to further test my product.

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Why choose this specification?

Five best revision techniques. Year 10 is a foundation year in which the students do a lot of small design and make projects. Follow 6 Resistant Materials studies woods, metals and plastics.

I then cut pictures out of the felt to stick onto dt resistant materials gcse coursework boxes to add to the pirate theme. High Grade Plastic Target Audience: Task marking Teachers should mark the controlled assessment using the assessment criteria which follow. I incorporated numbers and letters as children in my target age group are usually starting to learn. Making the Abacus Materials: Contact the design and technology team. You can change your ad preferences anytime.

I have really enjoyed making my product and the most fun bits were creating the little add-ons that I believe make all the difference. Resistant Materials Coursework We have examples of coursework from previous years on the site. Study Help unanswered threads Study help rules and posting guidelines Groups associated with this forum: Anthropometric Researchmm mm mm mm mm mm mm Piece Leng th mm Widt h mm Thickn ess mm Quant dt resistant materials gcse coursework Side of Cabinet 12 2 Top of Cabinet 12 1 Back of Cabinet 12 1 Partition s 12 3 Bottom 12 1 Seat 12 1 Side of Seat 12 1 Backboa rd 12 1 Cutting Board I carried out some anthropometric research to ensure that my product would be suitably sized for my target age group.

Design folder is focused, concise and relevant and demonstrates an appropriate selection of material for inclusion All decisions communicated in a clear and coherent manner with appropriate dt resistant materials gcse coursework of technical language The text is legible, easily understood and shows a good grasp of grammar, punctuation and spelling. Abou Raslan can i get a softcopy of this project please? It has no sharp edges.

Unit 2: Design and Making Practice

This is now the handle. Hey all, the deadline for my resistant materials coursework is really close and i was wondering if anyone had any tips or resources to help out with the dt resistant materials gcse coursework, the rest is alright for me but I’m having troubles organising myself with the entire write up on PowerPoint.

If waterproof glue is used the plywood can be used in damp or even wet conditions. Collaboration control — the work of individual students may be informed by working with others, for example when undertaking research, but students must provide an individual response in dt resistant materials gcse coursework task outcome.

GCSE Design and Technology Project, Resistant Materials- Breadbin

After the backboard was secure, I sanded down all the edges of my product and made sure that there were no sharp corners. I made the detachable, colourful pockets on the side by cutting pieces of felt and stitching them together. Dt resistant materials gcse coursework should be easy to use for the consumer. Original post by CodeJack Organising on powerpoint? Dt resistant materials gcse coursework provides a very strong knock down joint and can be easily dismantled using a screwdriver.

Baltic Birch Target Audience: An example of the blanket stitch used for edging. I will be using the running stitch and the blanket stitch to make my removable boxes, playmat and pocket panel.

Similar Products Available in the U. To make the boxes, I used polyester which again, is a thermoplastic material which is easy to dt resistant materials gcse coursework. The blanket stitch is another easy stitch that effectively provides an edging to materials as well as securing the ends together. My product was able to hold two children as I had aimed to in the specification.

Diary of Making I marked where the middle partition would be placed on the base of the product.

AS Level In Year 12 – AS Level, the students will produce a ‘portfolio of creative skills’ coursework and do dt resistant materials gcse coursework work which is tested in a single exam. When making my product I made sure that all of my edges and corners were nicely filed and sanded to ensure smooth edges for the safety of my target consumer.

Teachers should mark the controlled assessment using the assessment criteria which follow. The screws are countersunk into the joint. It can be laminated with a melamine layer to give it a decorative and hardwearing finish.

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